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Re: F3 CDs - problematical packages.

Philip Charles <philipc@copyleft.co.nz> writes:

> dpkg_1.9.14_hurd-i386.deb	Jun 27 14:42

Like Marcus said: dpkg 1.9.15 would be better.
  * Fix the arglist construction for maintainer scripts
looks like one of the problems (bad interaction with debconf) he
reported recently. So take that in.

You definitely want dpkg-dev 1.9.15 as .1[34] produce incompatible
source packages. This is already available at mirrors (dpkg-dev is
Arch: all).

> perl_5.6.1-5_hurd-i386.deb	Jun 27 22:43

Have it installed and it works good.

> e2fsprogs_1.22-1_hurd-i386.deb	Jun 27 14:42

No known hurd-related bugs. The "everything is mounted" showstopper is
definitely fixed.

> The status of ssh?

No official packages yet. Inofficial ones under
<URL:http://pluto.tuwien.ac.at/debian/hurd/> (2.5.2p2-2.2.rb1 is the
right version) have no known bugs, and are IMHO fit for inclusion.
The packages they depend on (mainly libssl*) should all be in the


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