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F3 CDs - problematical packages.

Recovered from the disaster.  However, I have lost the old Hurd
sub-archive amongst other things which means that I cannot track changes.

At present

dpkg_1.9.14_hurd-i386.deb	Jun 27 14:42
perl_5.6.1-5_hurd-i386.deb	Jun 27 22:43
exim_3.22-4_hurd-i386.deb	Jun 19 16:19
e2fsprogs_1.22-1_hurd-i386.deb	Jun 27 14:42

are in the current archive.  Question, are these the fixed versions?

Are there any other packages I should be fetching from somewhere?

libroxen-ldapmod_1.5-5_all.deb  is found in pool, and
libroxen-ldapmod_1.5-2.deb is found in non-US.  This courses a confusion.

Can anyone shed any light on this?  Or better still fix it?

The status of ssh?  This is not critical as it does not find its way into
the main section of the CDs.


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