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Re: integrating a new network driver

On Friday 15 June 2001 22:24, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> and all drivers (and include new ones).  However, as with oskit-mach this
> will be done by other people than us, we are fine with kludges like
> backporting drivers with minimal effort for GNU Mach.

So, I get that GNU Mach will die sooner or later and so will have a look at 
oskit-mach first....

> > btw: I fail to compile the Gnumach-sources (they're a bit old, but...): a 
> > 'uname -p' reveals 'unknown' ( under Hurd and Linux) so 
> > gnumach refuses to compile.
> You don't give us enough details to figure out what problem you had.  Which
> version of the source are you using, and how did compilation fail?
./configure was complaining about something (couldn't pick the proper 
compiler), probably because I didn't have some basic stuff installed. 
Did that and it worked.


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