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integrating a new network driver

Hi folks !
I'm currently having a look had gnumach to figure out how to integrate 
support for a Netgear FA311. There are drivers for Linux2.2 available in 
source (GPL) and from what a brief look at the sources revealed, the 
interfacce didn't change that much.

I have already had a look at i386/Drivers.in, where the selection-mechanism 
for the single drivers is and also found the generic probe-function where I 
would have to add a call of the new code. 
Are there any other things I should look at ? Guides, reports etc ? 
Should I at all try to integrate the driver into gnumach or rather oskit-mach?

btw: I fail to compile the Gnumach-sources (they're a bit old, but...): a 
'uname -p' reveals 'unknown' ( under Hurd and Linux) so 
gnumach refuses to compile.

Ulrich Eckhardt

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