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Re: Easy Guide feedback

a) I used it today :)

b)  I am still in the process of installing so I will probably use it some
more this week.  I'm having some trouble with hardware compatibility (the
boot disk in marcus' alpha.gnu.org/pub/hurd/contrib folder dies at some
point), but I also find myself in the awkward position of having empty
partitions.  It would be nice to have a section on doing a clean install
HURD for those who do not have Linux installed.  Is it necessary that I
install Debian?  What is The Right Way to install HURD right now if you
don't have any OS installed?


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> Hi folks,
> For some time now, I've had very little feedback about the
> Easy Guide. Is this because a) no-one uses it any more, b) it's
> perfect or c) feedback is being provided where I dont' read it?
> Thanks,
> Matthew
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