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Re: interesting ORBit behavior

In message <[🔎] 20010603041143.2FCEE99306@perdition.linnaean.org>it was written:

>	LD_DEBUG=libs,files /lib/ld.so.1 --list ./test-random

00157:  file=./test-random;  generating link map
./test-random: error while loading shared libraries: ./test-random: failed to map segment from shared object: Error 1073741869

>Are you using NFS?

Ah, yes I am. Hilarity would ensue if this were the actual problem. :)

Its funny, though, since things like my test translator worked over nfs.

Perhaps nfs is only hindering the information gathering, not causing the overall

>> Er, I'm not sure how to differentiate what rpctrace goodness from badness.
>> It appears to initialize the CORBA environment corrently, but the call
>> appears to fail.
>You need to know what things are supposed to happen in the CORBA calls are
>making.  I assume by CORBA you also mean IIOP and so it is making various
>socket calls to do the i/o.  You can follow these calls and see if things
>look funny.

Yes, it is using IIOP, althoigh I'm still not sure hov to go through this trace.

Hrm, I'll try things outside of nfs and see if the behavior changes.

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