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Re: interesting ORBit behavior

> In message <[🔎] 20010603032605.2B7E599306@perdition.linnaean.org>it was written:
> >> Hrm, ldd says 'not a dynamic executable'. Not sure why that is.
> >
> >Well, let's try to figure that out.  ldd is a shell script that
> >uses ld.so to do the real work.  Try these commands:
> >	/lib/ld.so.1 
> >	/lib/ld.so.1 --list ./test-random
> ./test-random: error while loading shared libraries: ./test-random: failed to map segment from shared object: Error 1073741869

Now it's getting interesting!  That number is EOPNOTSUPP.  (Hmm, I wonder
why it doesn't have the strings in ld.so.)  

> >	/lib/ld.so.1 --verify ./test-random
> Dosen't print anything

It's not supposed to.  But that it doesn't crash tells us something.

> I'm not sure what details you want besides the full output, but gdb does
> provide the exit code, dunno if thats useful or not.

I meant use gdb to set breakpoints inside the ld.so code and walk through
what's going on.  But before trying that you can get some more information. 
Try this:

	LD_DEBUG=libs,files /lib/ld.so.1 --list ./test-random

With LD_DEBUG=help you can see various other options (or use LD_DEBUG=all).

Are you using NFS?

> Er, I'm not sure how to differentiate what rpctrace goodness from badness.
> It appears to initialize the CORBA environment corrently, but the call
> appears to fail.

You need to know what things are supposed to happen in the CORBA calls are
making.  I assume by CORBA you also mean IIOP and so it is making various
socket calls to do the i/o.  You can follow these calls and see if things
look funny.

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