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Re: interesting ORBit behavior

In message <[🔎] 20010603030550.9DD3999306@perdition.linnaean.org>it was written:
>How exciting! :-) At least it sounds like it is a consistent pattern so you
>can readily make it crash again.  Can you also try ldd on your binary and
>see if that works consistently or has any correlation to the crashes you

Yes, the pattern is quite consistant.

Hrm, ldd says 'not a dynamic executable'. Not sure why that is.

>Your test program doesn't print anything immediately on entry to main.  You
>should certainly do that.  I don't know what all happens in
>"CORBA_exception_init", but that may well be where it's crashing.  If it
>always makes it into main, then it is probably not a generic dynamic linker
>problem (which is often a suspect for this kind of crash).  Also try
>setting LD_BIND_NOW=1 in the environment and see if that changes the behavior.

I actually did test it with something printed immediately, but forgot to upload
that source when I sent the email just now (the currently uploaded source should have
the non-buffered io and the initial print. THe behavior is identical.

The behavior is also identical with LD_BIND_NOW set (perhaps related to the above
problem with ldd).

>I'm not sure precisely what you mean here (what's returning 0?).
>But let's investigate this, even if it's an unrelated problem in rpctrace.
>rpctrace certainly ought not change the behavior of the traced program.

Ah, I mean the CORBA call Random_lrand48() returns a 0 instead of a
random number like it does when it executes correctly from the command
line and when it executes under gdb.

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