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Re: NTP + Build updates

Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> writes:

> For now I have taken a straightforward approach to map the database content
> to a tree of web pages; short cuts, summaries and wrappers around internal
> symbols like "install_source" are only slowly being added as needed.

My suggestion for adding shortcuts to the group page(s), is that in
the following line:

| db    out-of-date     2:2.7.7-3       2:2.7.7-2.2     failed

* "db" links to the package's page. Fine.
* The version numbers should link to the version page, if available,
  i.e. package/db/version/2:2.7.7-3/index.html in our example.
* "failed" (or "check_build_dependencies") should link to the bottom
  of the log file

And please give the pages TITLEs more meaningful than "Turtle". My
suggestion is something like "HOSTNAME Turtle Debian db 2:2.7.7-3
Build Log" for turtle/group/Debian/package/db/version/2:2.7.7-3/log.html
HOSTNAME defaults to the host turtle runs on, perhaps overridable by
the maintainer. Adapt as appropriate.


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