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Re: Network install?

>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Ham <u9rah@dcs.shef.ac.uk> writes:

    Bob> Hi all I've been doing nothing with the HURD of late as there
    Bob> is a windows parition in the way.  However, my cdr drive has
    Bob> decided to go belly up, which means I've got a free machine,
    Bob> which means I can install the HURD.  However, there is a
    Bob> problem: The box has no cd drive, only a floppy drive and
    Bob> network card for I/O.  Is there any way to get the HURD on
    Bob> there aside from taking the hard disk out and putting it in
    Bob> another machine?


Boot Linux via NFS-Root (may not be required, but is my
preference). Install the Hurd from Linux. Share the CDROM drive using
NFS (at least on Linux, not sure how good NFS support is in the Hurd).
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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