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Re: porting to Hurd

[Jeff, see below on tetex]

On Wed, Feb 28, 2001 at 08:59:27AM +0900, Atsuhito Kohda wrote:
> I intend to port some package to Hurd but I guess there are
> some problems.

Let's take this to debian-hurd.
> There is no gnupg in Hurd but I have only gnupg key registered
> as Debian developer so I am afraid I can not upload a package
> even if I can build a package in Hurd.  How should I do?

I think gnupg compiles just fine out of the box (I will attempt to do so
right now), however, we don't have a /dev/random. There is some /dev/random
server using esd on the web (please do a web search). I have a slightly
different idea how to do random on the Hurd, and I will work on this in the
near future, after getting the Debian dist back into shape.

But if I understood Werner correctly, gnupg can also gather some random by
itself, so it might run without /dev/random as well.
> At present I succeeded in building jtex-bin, xdvik-ja, vflib2
> nkf, dvi2tty.  I hope I could build new tetex packages which
> are not in consistent state right now.

That's great! It's also good that you post your intention about tetex, so no
effort is made twice. I am positively surprised that more people are porting
packages right now. Jeff, can you both agree on who does tetex?

Note that if there is a Dependency with a version number on a package that
is only Provided on the Hurd, we will get an error from apt/dpkg. We can
work around this with dummy packages, let us know the exact details, and I
will upload a dummy package to alpha.gnu.org.
> And one request.  In Hurd, X Window is provided in 
> ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/hurd/debian and I don't know how
> it is maintained but it is basically X of potato version
> so we Japanese need xfonts-cjk of potato which is removed in
> new X of sid (perhaps it is included in xfonts-base in sid).
> It is very helpful if ftp://alpha.gnu.org/ provides xfonts-cjk
> of potato version, IMHO.

Ah, mmh. Please check out if the problem would be solved by X 4.0 in the
Debian archive proper. I plan to do an X upgrade next week (this time


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