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Re: porting to Hurd

On Wed, Feb 28, 2001 at 01:39:57AM +0100, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> It might be more useful if someone gets X4 to run on hurd.

It might be useful if Branden would incorporate my patches next time
(should be next week). I had working and complete patches for X 3.3.6
and X 4.0 packages submitted to him november last year, and in fact,
I made my packages available on alpha.gnu.org (X3) [1] and
master.debian.org (X4). They still can be found there.

This is in no way meant as an offence towards Branden. I am sure I loaded
him with my patches in a sufficiently inconvenient moment of X package
development, it was just bad timing.


[1] alpha.gnu.org is our staging area for exactly such situations.

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