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Install report

Hi there

Last night I completed an install using the hurd-D1.iso cd image.  I
did, however, have some problems.  The method that I was to mount the
image file on a loop device and use the cross-install, dpkg-hurd and
native-install scripts that I downloaded a couple of months ago.

All was fine until running native-install the second time.  It seems
that libnss-db and libdb2-util were not install, and so dpkg was
throwing dependency fits.  After getting the .debs on the hurd partition
and sorting those packages out, I came accross another problem.

Doing a 'dpkg --configure hurd' caused the error message 'install-info:
failed to lock dir for editing! No such file or directory'.  This error
also came up on a lot of other packages when I tried to run 'dpkg
--configure --pending'.  Then, while trying to view 
/var/lib/dpkg/info/hurd.postinst, I accidentally ran it.  I tried to ^C
it, but I don't think that worked, as I still got an error message about
not being called with inappropriate arguements or something. Then, doing
a 'dpkg --configure hurd' worked, as did --pending.

So, all's now installed and (relatively) happy.  However, there were
another couple of things.  On boot, I get an error (I believe from some
part of the kernel):
"hd03: bad access: block=28, count=2, blockend=30, nr_sects2".

Also, I've got a few suggested additions for the CD image for Mr
Charles. Firstly, it would be good if the cross-install & co. scripts
were there, as I had to use versions from quite a while back.  Also, the
kernel source would be a good idea.  And just one more small thing: the
hurd-doc/walf-install.html file has '@option{-o}' style bits about the
place, which I assume are markup and shouldn't be there?


Bob Ham:  node@users.sourceforge.net
IRC: 'node' on irc.openprojects.net: #slashdot  ICQ: 4396425 'node'

"The GNU philosophy is about freedom. To be free one must have
personal power. Personal power is an individual thing, difficult to
obtain and quick to perish." --Krisno Pryosusilo

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