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Re: FWD: Re: xfce on the Hurd

On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 10:23:00PM +0100, martin.stenzel@rz.hu-berlin.de wrote:
> Now, is there a point for me, where to
> start debuging? I guess there is not a
> real difference between *nix and the
> Hurd, when it comes to pipes, is there
> (same C I/O library)?

Well, pipes are implemented by the pflocal server, so there is something
special about it. This speciality should be completely hidden to the user,
though, by the standard interface (glibc).

That pipes generally work is essential is easy to see. Otherwise we had a
real problem :)

But maybe there is some subtle incompatibility that only shows up under
special circumstances. What you have to do is compile xfce with debugging
symbols and debug it. If it crashes, gdb will tell you. If it simply exits,
you need to narrow down the place where it fails and step through that.
Come back when you have a bit more information, for example the instructions
that eventually lead to an exit, or so.


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