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Failed translation

Hello friends,

 I'm a Debian GNU/Linux user and I'm new to Hurd, I installed it and
 had problems with it, it was having a strange behavior managing 
 directories, I resized the partition to < 1G and it is now fine...
 I want to mount my Linux partition on Hurd, so that I can use my
 Linux user's home dir in Hurd. I did what the instalation guide
 I created the hd0s2 (my linux partition (the root) is at /dev/hda2.
 with: ./MAKEDEV hd0s2
 and mounted it with: settrans -c /linux /hurd/ext2fs /dev/hd0s2
 But then, when I try to `ls` that dir it says that the disk size
 seems too small, something like this and it says that the translator
 has died... any hint? =)
Gustavo Noronha Silva - kov
*http://www.doctorkov.cjb.net			       *
*GPG Key: http://www.geocities.com/dockov/html/pgp.html*
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