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Re: Understanding "The Way Things Go"

On Mon, Dec 04, 2000 at 02:31:03PM +0000, Bob Ham wrote:
> So, my question is: how do I go about getting it on my machine?

You follow the link to the install doc at

(there is also an install doc by Neal H Walfield, which I have to add to the
page. You can find it at www.walfield.org, IIRC).

> Also, I assumed that upgrading software would simply be a case of
> apt-get upgrade'ing,

as long as the dependencies are not messed up, as they sometimes are because
of linux/hurd synchronization, that works.

> but it unfortunately doesn't seem like it's going
> to be that painless; what's the deal with the whole alpha.gnu.org vs
> ftp.debian.org for packages?

alpha.gnu.org contains packages which don't build from the official Debian
source yet. Namely X, apt and util-linux currently.

> And where does the hurd-D1.iso come into
> all this; what exactly is on it?

This is new. I don't know the status, but from what I heard it should be
> One last thing: I know partitions need to be under "1Gb", but what is
> "1Gb"?  1024Kb?, 1000Kb?, so-many whatevers?

This is not a fixed value. A little above 1Gb might work. So 1024Kb will
work, but 1100 Kb probably too.


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