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Re: Understanding "The Way Things Go"

On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, Bob Ham wrote:

> Also, I assumed that upgrading software would simply be a case of
> apt-get upgrade'ing, but it unfortunately doesn't seem like it's going
> to be that painless; what's the deal with the whole alpha.gnu.org vs
> ftp.debian.org for packages?  And where does the hurd-D1.iso come into
> all this; what exactly is on it?
hurd-D1.iso is the fourth cut at making a Hurd installation CD.  The
boot-floppies work well; this will boot, partition HDDs, format with hurd
fs and install the tarball.  The debian-cd part is not so good, but
improving and is of some use; this provides the .deb packages file systems
suitable for dpkg, apt etc.  hurd-E1 is being worked on at the moment and
the debian-cd side has improved, but there is still some way to go before
I will be satisfied with it. 


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