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Re: Adaptec 2940UW problem

Am Mon, 30 Okt 2000 13:09:08 schrieb Martin Maciaszek:
> I tried to install GNU/Hurd on my computer. AFAIR Hurd supports
> the Adaptec AHA-2940UW. So I unpacked the tarball. Unfortunately
> the kernel doesn't boot very far. It detects the Adaptec but
> hangs there. From Linux I know that the next step would be to
> detect the devices attached to the Adaptec. But nothing happens.

The version of the linux driver we use is quite old and broken.
You experience the same problem here as with linux two years ago.
You can try to update the 2940 driver in gnumach and cross compile
your own. Try the latest driver of the 2.0.x series, and let us know if
you have success.


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