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Re: Adaptec 2940UW problem

Martin Maciaszek <mmaciaszek@gmx.net> writes:

> I tried to install GNU/Hurd on my computer. AFAIR Hurd supports
> the Adaptec AHA-2940UW. So I unpacked the tarball. Unfortunately
> the kernel doesn't boot very far. It detects the Adaptec but
> hangs there. From Linux I know that the next step would be to
> detect the devices attached to the Adaptec. But nothing happens.

I don't know wether Hurd tries to detect the attached devices, after
detecting the SCSI controller itself. But, After the SCSI detection
procedure, it tries to detect network cards. IIRC, some people with a
ne2000 card have reported that Hurd hangs at this point. Do you have
such a card?

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