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Re: gnupg under X

Yes, I am working with an xterm, could not verify with e.g. rxvt since this does not run.
Isn't there a hurd package of rxvt? Could not find it on alpha.gnu.org or debian mirrors.

This happens in X:
Issueing "tty" I receive "/dev/ttyp0" in one xterm and "/dev/ttyp1" in the other xterm.
So these seem to be the pseudo terminals.
Issuing "showtrans /dev/tty" I get "/hurd/magic tty" as a result.
When typing "file /dev/tty" I get the "Device not configured" message.

This happens on the console:
Command "file /dev/tty" yields here "/dev/tty: character special (0/0)"
so gnupg does not complain on the console.

Martin Stenzel

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