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Re: gnupg under X

The symptoms you see suggest something broken in how the pty got set up.

You said that tty works, so you can see that the real tty is be /dev/ttyp0
or whatever it is.  What does "ls -l /dev/ttyp0" give you?  If it gives you
the same error, then /dev/tty is fine and it's just redirecting to the
actual terminal device, which has a problem.  If using /dev/ttyp0 directly
works ok but /dev/tty doesn't, then it is a problem with the redirection
that /dev/tty is supposed to do.

Looking at the source, I suspect you will find that /dev/ttyp0 works ok.
I can't figure out how ENXIO (Device not configured) would from term.

The libc code that gets invoked for /dev/tty will return ENXIO if the
cttyid port is null.  So, I suspect that xterm failed to properly set the
controlling terminal of its child process (your shell).  This is done with
the TIOCSTTY ioctl.  So take a look at the code in xterm trying to do that
and see what results it is getting.

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