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Re: gnupg under X

Martin Stenzel <h0444xyv@rz.hu-berlin.de> writes:

> I have been figuring for a while but to no success:
> When I try to work with gnupg (1.0.4) under X I get the error message:

What happens if you type the command

 $ tty

in an xterm (I'm assuming you run gpg in an xterm)?

I'm guessing here, but if opening /dev/tty fails, that indicates that
either the magic attached to /dev/tty is broken, or some of the
pseudo-tty machinery is broken, or the process doesn't have any
controlling terminal at all.

/dev/tty is not really a device, it's a magic name that refers to the
process' controlling tty, whatever that is. If the process is running
on a console, the controlling tty is usually that console. If it is
running under xterm, the controlling tty is the slave side of a
pseudo-tty that xterm has set up.

I'm not familiar enough with the HURD to say what the next step is in
figuring out exactly where the problem is and how to solve it.


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