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Re: debconf

Steve Bowman wrote:
> I was able to build debconf 0.3.83 by:
>     dpkg-source -x debconf_0.3.83.dsc
>     cd debconf-0.3.83
>     export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/Client
>     dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us -B -ahurd-i386
> I don't know if -ahurd-i386 is really needed

only for cross compilation

> but the PATH setting
> definitely is.

Uh, this would be a bug.

> Also, there are a number of warnings about unterminated
> character constants from *.pm files and dpkg warnings are architecture
> 'i386' not in remapping table,

the latter means something calls dpkg --print-*-architecture, which
would be
a bug, too (most likely).


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