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Re: bootstrap: panic: ... invalid IO size

> According to the documentation, the first hard drive, no matter what
> else is in the system, is named hd0.  The third partition (slice) on
> this device would be hd0s3.
> According to GRUB, there is no hd0s3.  It does find hd1s3 to have the
> correct signatures, partition type and fs type.  I suspect that the
> BIOS may be lying about the devices so that it can boot the SCSI
> disk.  

Not lying, grub maps the bios drives to hdn in the order the bios
tells it to.

> > > Is this a message printed when I refer to a non-existent device?  
> > 
> > Looks like a good guess.
> Yet, I don't believe that that is what it means since I get a
> different error when I use a verifiably non-existent device spec such
> as sd5 or hd5. 

Can I take a guess that the hdd is a slave?  If so, try making it the
master and see what happens, then, check the bug-hurd archive from about
a month ago.


Neal H Walfield
University of Massachusetts at Lowell
neal@walfield.org or neal@cs.uml.edu

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