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Re: Please forward this to appropriate people!!

Hi Jim,

I would not have continued this thread, if it weren't for the signs of
a misunderstanding either on my or on your part. If it is my fault, I would
like to know so I can apologize. I certainly don't want to waste your or
anybody else's time.

On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 12:59:26PM -0700, Jim Franklin wrote:
> I will explain the original message for the sake of the younger folks.
> Never, EVER hack into somebody else's system if someone asks you to, either
> directly or (as in this case) indirectly.

I surely must have missed something. I can't see that Paula made such a
request, direct or indirect. I think there was such a request on this list
in the past, but I think it was made by someone else?

I agree with what you said about being strict towards people who ask you to
hack other peoples system. But with Paula, I don't think she even realised
that this is a mailing list, or that the sender address was faked. I only
see one post by her, where she shows a complete lack of understanding how
spam works, and I am not sure she would know what "hacking a system" means.


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