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RE: Please forward this to appropriate people!!

> > On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 09:45:39AM -0700, Jim Franklin wrote:
> > > if this is concerning a matter other than the hurd 
> > > operating system then stop wasting my time with your 
> > > whining and learn to do your own dirty work
> >

[ Marcus]
> > Insulting people who need help is really very kind of you.
> >
> > Your response is only adding to the problem. I mailed Paula some
> > explanations about spam and what she can do about it. You 
> > don't want to give her the impression that Hurd hackers are
> > unfriendly, do you?
> >

[Jim Again]
> I find my time to be quite valuable to me, thanks for wasting 
> some more of
> it.

You yourself waste your own "valuable" time by sending these nasty
messages.  But then, I suppose we're now entering a recursive time
wasting vortex, in which you will helpfully point out each instance
of "time-wasting" mail, thus wasting your own time, which will
prompt me to point out that you multiplied your wasted time by
a factor of 2*(some constant factor) based on the time it takes
you to:

1.  Read the offending message
2.  Formulate the opinion that your time was wasted.  I assume 
    you use some kind of weighted statistic to gauge the amount
    of wasted time, and the level of ire it generates.
3.  Forumlate a suitably scathing article with which to respond.
4.  Type the nasty response.
5.  Send the nasty response (hopefully editing out CC's to people
    subscribed to the list.)

Perhaps if you just kept your opinion to yourself, you could then
save steps 3-5, saving yourself nearly 3/5'ths of the time you
have had wasted!  You must admit, this is clearly a very good

Here's to cutting out steps 3, 4, and 5.  Hooray!



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