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Re: howto make devices in the /dev dir

Jerôme Magnin <jerome.magnin@neurocom.com> writes:

> I wish I knew how to create devices for my HDD and my different
> partitions ... so I could declare a device for my swap partition ...

That's the job of /dev/MAKEDEV.

> I was able to declare the cdrom, but I m afraid of breaking my other
> system which is on the same HDD, while declaring the devices for this

So, you already have created the device for your cdrom?

It's just the same procedure: cd /dev; ./MAKEDEV <device>

> Other question: can I use my Linux binaries with the hurd??

>From The GNU/Hurd FAQ:

4.1 Can I run Linux binaries on GNU Hurd?

   Currently, this is not possible. On the other hand, there are quite
   a few people who really want to make this work, so it is likely to
   happen in the near future.

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