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ODP: howto make devices in the /dev dir

>I wish I knew how to create devices for my HDD and my different
>partitions ... so I could declare a device for my swap partition ...
>I was able to declare the cdrom, but I m afraid of breaking my other
>system which is on the same HDD, while declaring the devices for this

>for info: my HDD is an IDE disk, which is master on the first IDE bus

> the partition for the HURD is hd0s7, my swap is (will be) hd0s2...

1. Go to /dev
2. Next run './MAKEDEV hd0s2' for your swap.
3. And add line to /etc/fstab with swap information like in your linux fstab
but use 'hd0s2" instead of '/dev/hda2'
4. Reboot your machine.
5. Enjoy your hurd swap.


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