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	I downloaded the floppy image for grub 0.5.96, but when I try to install it into the MBR, I get an error message complaining of a mismatch in stage1/stage2.  Any ideas?

Bryan Walton

On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 08:50:06AM -0600, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
> I'm pleased to announce release 0.5.96 of GNU GRUB, which is the
> *final* test release of GRUB.  The next release will be GRUB 1.0, so
> we appreciate you testing 0.5.96 to help us make 1.0 stable.
> You can get 0.5.96 from:
> ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/grub/
> Also available in that directory is `grub-0.5.96-i386-pc.ext2fs', a
> filesystem image suitable for use on a floppy disk.
> GRUB 0.5.96 will also be available shortly from your favorite Debian
> mirrors (currently only for GNU/Linux, but hopefully a Debian
> maintainer with a working GNU/Hurd machine will recompile it).
> Here is the relevant NEWS:
> New in 0.5.96 - 2000-10-04:
> * New commands, "reboot" and "halt".
> * New command, "hiddenmenu". You can hide the menu interface by default
>   with this command.
> * You can specify `--no-mem-option' to the command "kernel", if you want
>   GRUB not to pass a Linux's mem option automatically.
> * Now GRUB is compliant with the Linux/i386 boot protocol version 2.02.
> * The network support is updated to Etherboot-4.6.4.
> * Symlinks in ReiserFS are supported.
> * Add a workaround into the grub shell, so that it works fine even under
>   Linux 2.4.
> * Add a new option `--stage2' into the commands "install" and "setup",
>   to let the grub shell know what the file name of Stage 2 is under your
>   operating system. You must specify the option correctly, if you cannot
>   unmount the partition where GRUB images reside. We'd recommend _not_
>   using those commands directly, but using the utility "grub-install"
>   instead, because this is safer.
> * One violation against the Network Boot Image Proposal was found and
>   fixed. So now the image `nbgrub' can work fine even with a card such
>   as rtl8139.
> * Serial terminal support is added. The configure script accepts
>   a new option `--enable-serial'. If it is specified, you can use two
>   new commands, "serial" and "terminal" in the command-line and the
>   menu. See the manual, for more details.
> * Preserve the possible magic number used by Windows NT in a MBR.
> * The command-line interface is switched to single-line editing mode.
> * Only for developers: the configure script accepts
>   `--enable-serial-speed-simulation', which is useful when you want to
>   simulate the speed of a serial device on a psuedo terminal.
> * Also only for developers: you can specify an optional argument to the
>   option `--hold' for the grub shell. The argument means how many
>   seconds the grub shell should wait until diving into the main routine.
> * New command, "savedefault". Now you can save current entry number to
>   your disk with this command and then you can set the default boot
>   entry to it by the command "default saved".
> * Add a new option `--prefix' into the command "setup", so that you can
>   specify the name of a directory which contains GRUB images. And, the
>   behavior of this command changed slightly, that is, this command now
>   searchs stage1 automatically under "/boot/grub" and "/grub", unless
>   you specify the option `--prefix'.
> * The utility `grub-install' recognizes a separate boot partition
>   automatically.
> * New commands, "partnew" and "parttype". You can modify partition
>   tables with these commands.
> As always, thanks to the many people who have made GRUB possible.
> -- 
>  Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@fig.org>  //\ I'm a FIG (http://fig.org/)
> Committed to freedom and diversity \// I use GNU (http://www.gnu.org/)
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