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Re: How to get more developers (was: Mailing List traffic and...)

From: Farid Hajji <farid.hajji@ob.kamp.net>
Subject: How to get more developers (was: Mailing List traffic and...)
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 05:31:25 +0200

> And yes, the docs... Although things start improving now, we still need
> a lot more of tutorial-like materials. "Hello worlds" for misc. parts of
> the system may be one way to introduce newbies to the internals of Mach
> and the Hurd(-libraries). I'm thinking here especially of small dummy
> translators, dummy filesystems and other simple user-level programs.

  The Hurd source tree already has several simple (and yet useful)
translators. See the directory "trans". "hello.c" and "hello-mt.c" are
quite simple. "null.c" is also easy to understand. Another good example
is usermux. If you think they are still difficult, feel free to ask
questions to mailing-lists (such as help-hurd).

> The docs could also be expanded by links to (or mirrors of) papers about
> Mach research, issues of OS-Design (here especially the microkernel vs.
> monolithic approaches) and the original CMU- and OFS-1 Mach documentation.
> If someone knows about a link of this kind, please mail it to me. I'll
> gather all I can and will summarize later.


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