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hurddocs.org site rollout!

Ladies, Gentleman, Trannies, and anyone who happens to care:

I have been slowly (quite slowly, actually) throwing together some useful 
information on http://hurddocs.org/ - It has hit a point where it should 
be useful for the average beginner, and possibly as a jump point for more 
experienced folks.  Specifically you can find:

Links to archives for help-hurd, bug-hurd, and debian-hurd.
Links to CVS ChangeLogs for the `hurd' and `libc' modules.
A few "HOWTO"s for some common hurd things
A "WHATIS" file explaining translators (and a plea for people to write 
more of these!)

There are links for a few other things on there too.

I want to post your documentation here.  Please help me do this.  HOWTO's 
and such do not necessarily have to be Hurd specific, but for now it 
would be nice if they showed off some hurd-ish fun.

What's the catch?  You need a decent browser to view the site.  If your 
browser *pretends* to support some of the positioning style sheets, but 
doesn't really, you will have difficulty viewing the site.  I test using 
2 browsers, generally: lynx and mozilla.  Netscape 4.x also works *if* 
you disable style sheets.  You should also get along fine with brail or 
audio browsers, although I haven't tested them specifically.

Enjoy, tell the world.  You'll be happy to hear it's hosted at 
sourceforge, and not at my house this time.. =)

"It is easy to be blinded to the essential uselessness of computers by
the sense of accomplishment you get from getting them to work at all."
 - Douglas Adams

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