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Re: runsystem

On Tue, Jun 20, 2000 at 10:24:09PM -0700, Kevin Musick wrote:
> Thanks for the clarification.  Should I read into this that the Hurd
> designers envision an alternative startup sequence, departing from the rc#.d
> scripts and all of the symbolic links and creative filenaming to something a
> little more twentieth-century?  Or, is /libexec/rc just a sample startup
> script to get someone running who doesn't have a complete distribution
> available?

Last thing I heard is that Thomas is envisioning some Makefile-ish start up
system. The initial question being: Why should there be any fixed number of
runlevels? The Hurd tries to break with as much arbitrary limitations as

Designing and coding this is certainly one of the bigger tasks, and of lower
priority. Interested people should probably talk to Thomas and Roland
about specifics.

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