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Re: URLs for new developers 20000522


 In reply to the message concerning
 "URLs for new developers 20000522" written Fr., 02. June 2000:

> I'm still trying to get ahold of the hurd /apache patch if anyone
> knows where it's at?

  Hmmm, I don't remember any patch passing this list, and at the
moment I am too lazy to browse the archives. But I've done one by
myself some time ago when apache 1.3.12 was released. The only things
that were needed to be done, were some little bits of OS-guessing stuff.
Anyways, it works fine on all of my Debian GNU/Hurd boxes; you can get
it from <http://azurix.htl-tex.ac.at/~earl>.

  Ah, I forgot, is there any German installation guide yet? We've
translated some pages and written quite a lot of our own although it's
not 100% done yet.


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