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Re: URLs for new developers 20000522

Thanks Andi and Adam.  I'll get them in as soon as time allows :)


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Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 5:42 AM
Subject: Re: URLs for new developers 20000522

>  Hi!
>  In reply to the message concerning
>  "URLs for new developers 20000522" written Fr., 02. June 2000:
> > I'm still trying to get ahold of the hurd /apache patch if anyone
> > knows where it's at?
>   Hmmm, I don't remember any patch passing this list, and at the
> moment I am too lazy to browse the archives. But I've done one by
> myself some time ago when apache 1.3.12 was released. The only things
> that were needed to be done, were some little bits of OS-guessing stuff.
> Anyways, it works fine on all of my Debian GNU/Hurd boxes; you can get
> it from <http://azurix.htl-tex.ac.at/~earl>.
>   Ah, I forgot, is there any German installation guide yet? We've
> translated some pages and written quite a lot of our own although it's
> not 100% done yet.
>   Bye
>    Andi
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