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Need help installing HURD-Newbie!

Let's try this without the typing error:

My system is as follows:
        dual pentium 233-mmx processors
        128 Mb ram
        3 hard drives
                /dev/hda1  13.2Gb   type FAT32  Windows98 C: 
                /dev/hdb1  999.17Mb type Linux ext2 type 83 Primary Boot
                                         GRUB root=(hd1,0)  
                                         HURD root=hd1s1
                /dev/hdc1  13.541Gb type Linux ext2 type 83 Primary Boot
                /dev/hdc2  135.22Mb type Linux ext2 type 82 SWAP

I used the system on /dev/hdc1 to set up my drives. It is a Debian Linux
Potato system. I used the instructions for the large tar ball setup. the
mke2fs version on Potato is 1.18. I used all of the files downloaded
from the alpha.gnu.org/gnu/hurd/contrib/marcus/* ftp site. tarball#
gnu-20000301.tar.gz. I used the grub-floppy-19991023 floppy image to
create my boot disk. All of the files are visible and I can read and
write to the ext2 filesystem  when it is mounted on /gnu. I followed the
boot up instructions; used the grub floppy; got the command prompt
grub>; I issued the command "root=(hd1,0)"; recieved the message 'found
ext2 linux filesystem"; I issued the command "kernel=/boot/gnumach.gz
root=hd1s1 -s";that is as far as I got. I get the error message "file
not found"; ANY help or criticisms are greatly appreciated as this is my
attempt at using HURD. I am mainly interested in determining if the
mke2fs I am using is compatible with the other HURD elements that I am
using. I read almost all of the mailing list archives from last 4
months, regarding this subject. Several of them were helpful. I also
want to know if the drive designations that I am using are correct for
the drive I am using for HURD. It is the second ide drive on my system
and has only 1 partition set up of 999.17Mb; the rest of the drive is
Sorry about the error on my previous post.
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