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Re: Need help installing HURD-Newbie!

On Mon, Apr 24, 2000 at 08:44:43PM -0500, John Foster wrote:
> grub>; I issued the command "root=(hd1,0)"; recieved the message 'found
> ext2 linux filesystem"; I issued the command "kernel=/boot/gnumach.gz
> root=hd1s1 -s";that is as far as I got. I get the error message "file
> not found"; ANY help or criticisms are greatly appreciated as this is my
> first

Most probably you have too old grub.

Test :
try using name-completitions at grub prompt,
enter /<TAB> and see list of files,
a ) if there are non-letter characters appended at ends of files/dirs names
    your grub is too old, please upgrade it
b ) if there is no shit yet, try completing /boot/<TAB>
    if there is some appended, upgrade your grub
c ) if all file names are printed cleanly by grub
    wait for someone more competent than me ;-)

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