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Re: Server programming


I imagine it easier to write an http client than server, but that is
just me.

If you want to learn how to write translators, there a a bunch to
get you started in the /src/hurd/trans.

>From there, you can fix ftpfs (which is _very_ buggy) or write that
httpfs translator or any number of others that need work.

If you are interested in progamming Mach only, there seems to plenty
that needs hacking in both GNU/Mach and glibc.

Good luck

On Thu, Apr 06, 2000 at 08:43:31PM +0200, Daniel De Kok wrote:
> > Mmmh. I am not sure what you mean. Do you want to write a web server that
> > can only run on Mach? I am not sure which purpose this should serve. In
> > which areas would this server perform better?
> I don't know, just to try to learn some Mach programming, and writing a web
> server is quite easy to start practicing.
> > It's probably more useful and not so difficult to write a httpfs, a
> > filesystem server that "mounts" a http tree to some inode, just as ftpfs
> > does with ftp directories. Take a look at the ftpfs server in the Hurd
> > source.
> I read something in a paper about the ftpfs server and I think it is really
> useful. Note that I'm still a kernel/mach/hurd programming newbie (I've only
> created some Linux kernel patches in the past), but I can try to give a shot at
> it (writing a httpfs)...
> > Apart from that, writing translators (Mach servers) using the Hurd libraries
> > is certainly the central point of the Hurd, and I hope you will have fun
> > writing dozen of servers :)
> Me too!
> Regards,
> Daniel De Kok
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