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Re: Server programming

> Mmmh. I am not sure what you mean. Do you want to write a web server that
> can only run on Mach? I am not sure which purpose this should serve. In
> which areas would this server perform better?

I don't know, just to try to learn some Mach programming, and writing a web
server is quite easy to start practicing.

> It's probably more useful and not so difficult to write a httpfs, a
> filesystem server that "mounts" a http tree to some inode, just as ftpfs
> does with ftp directories. Take a look at the ftpfs server in the Hurd
> source.

I read something in a paper about the ftpfs server and I think it is really
useful. Note that I'm still a kernel/mach/hurd programming newbie (I've only
created some Linux kernel patches in the past), but I can try to give a shot at
it (writing a httpfs)...

> Apart from that, writing translators (Mach servers) using the Hurd libraries
> is certainly the central point of the Hurd, and I hope you will have fun
> writing dozen of servers :)

Me too!

Daniel De Kok

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