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Re: libgcj note

Chris> Please let me know the location of the source for this version
Chris> of dejagnu.

ftp://gcc.gnu.org/pub/gcc/infrastructure dejagnu-19990614.tar.gz

Chris> Send me the paper work.  The patch (hack) is 223 lines; 119
Chris> lines being in boehm-gc.  When it tests successfully, and I
Chris> have improved the patch I will send it in.

For boehm-gc you can send the patches directly to
Hans Boehm <hans_boehm@acm.org>.

For libgcj you can find the paperwork here:


I recommend filling out paperwork for "libgcj", "gcc", and "classpath"
-- that will be sure to cover you regardless of what you patch.  I
believe you can do this with one set of paperwork by filling in the
blanks in the appropriate way.


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