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Re: libgcj note

Chris> I am the guilty party.  The patches I posted were just a hack,
Chris> I can do a better job.  I will be pleased to help you in any
Chris> way.  My main worry is testing it.  It was easy enough to build
Chris> it, and install it, but I need to do the following:

Chris> Test that it works.
Chris> Recode my hack to a proper patch.

I didn't read the patch, so I don't know how hackish it might be.

As for testing, if dejagnu works on Hurd then you can just use "make
check".  You need a special version of dejagnu :-(.  But I can point
you to that if you want.

Send libgcj patches to java-patches@sourceware.cygnus.com.
If they are nontrivial (> 10 lines) you'll need FSF paperwork in place
before we can check them in.  If you plan to do the port I recommend
starting on the paperwork now.  I can give you pointers for this.


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