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Re: "Small" Bug - silly question again

>>>>> "Norbert" == Norbert Nemec <nobbi@cheerful.com> writes:

    Norbert> Why not? Have a group "users" that contains all the users
    Norbert> except guest. Now you can give file access just to that
    Norbert> group for all files that the guest should not be able to
    Norbert> use. You may have to change a large group of file
    Norbert> permissions that way, but that's just the same for the
    Norbert> forth permission set.

There is also another (perhaps unusual) way, while weird, I believe it
would work, with standard Unix permissions. Use user:group
nologin:nologin for users that are not logged in, and set file
permissions to:

r-x---r-x  root   nologin filename

that way everybody can access the file, unless they are in the nologin
group. I am not sure how portable this is, but seem to remember it
worked on Linux.

Personally, I think this is hopelessly out-of-date, and the sooner we
move to ACLs, the better.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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