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Re: Three silly questions to the Hurd-Core

On Sat, 11 Mar 2000 21:39:17 EST, the world broke into rejoicing as
"Lucas C. Wagner" <lwagner@spindletp.com>  said:
> > This is very wrong, please don't make such errornous statements in the
> > public. It only alienates people.
> Well, aside from the political correctness, I would say many people view it
> as a replacement for the Linux kernel even if those are not the words that
> you would choose to say them in.  RMS's dogmatics don't help the issue and
> many Linux users say worse things about the Hurd because of Torvalds'
> discussion a while back.  I think they can withstand a few comments like
> these...  however, I will not make them in the future, now that you have
> pointed it out. ;-)

It's almost certainly more complex than that, as there have been
various positions by various people over the years:

"I am aware of the benefits  of a micro kernel approach.  However, the
fact remains  that Linux is  here, and GNU  isn't --- and  people have
been working on Hurd for a lot longer than Linus has been working on
Linux." -- Ted T'so, 1992.

"Of course 5  years from now that will be different,  but 5 years from
now  everyone  will  be  running  free  GNU on  their  200  MIPS,  64M
SPARCstation-5."  -- Andrew Tanenbaum, 1992.

"You'll be  rid of most of us  when BSD-detox or GNU  comes out, which
should happen in the next few months (yeah, right)." -- Richard Tobin,
1992. [BSD did follow within a year]

And I seem to remember Linus Torvalds suggesting something about Linux
being a "stop gap" measure until "GNU" would become available.

More recently, RMS's comments have been rather more indicative of
backing away from the notion of Hurd being a *crucial* project.
Comments are more like: "There's enough done that it makes sense to
put *some* effort into getting it working."

At any rate, *none* of these comments are so strongly doctrinaire that
they should cause anyone great offense.

The *truth* is that some people either:
 a) intend to give, or
 b) intend to take
offense, and any old excuse will do.  

There are a few people that are so anti-RMS or anti-GNU or anti-FSF
(or multiple combinations thereof) that any mention of something like
Hurd will cause their heads to explode, virtually speaking...
"It has every known bug fix to everything." -- KLH (out of context)
cbbrowne@ntlug.org - <http://www.hex.net/~cbbrowne/lsf.html>

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