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Hurd user survey

> I'm taking an informal survey of people who use the Hurd, to
> get some idea of how things are progressing.  Please reply
> to me privately, or to bug-hurd@gnu.org as appropriate.

> 1) Have you successfully gotten the Hurd running?


> 2) If so, is your Hurd box currently running as you expect
> it to?

yup. everything seems to be running fine. haven't had much in the way of
crashes, network's up and i'm very impressed with how the servers work upon
the mach kernel. only thing that stops me using it regularly is the lack of
apps for it. i'm a lil miffed that i don't seem to have multiple terminals to
work from, but i'm sure it'll be implemented if it's not already.

the hurd installation guide thingie that i found at the gnu site helped heaps.
the cross compiler required me to install more than i probably would have liked
to, but it still seems to work well. grub is nice too. hell, the whole thing's
nice, it just needs more apps and i can't wait til it gets them =>

> 3) If it is not running, what appears to be the problem?

> I'll post the results after a week or so has elapsed,

> -- Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@fig.org> //\ I'm a FIG
> (http://fig.org/) Committed to freedom and diversity \// I
> use GNU (http://gnu.fig.org/)


da Bobstopper

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