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Re: Installing Debian/Hurd

>> From: Ali Hamisheh-Bahar <Ali_Hamisheh-Bahar@mw.3com.com>
>> curt@gwis.com <curt@gwis.com>  wrote --
>> >  My problems deal with SCSI.
>> I don't know anything about this.

 I'll be happy to re-cap for you, if you like, privately or otherwise ?

>> >  I'm starting to feel like a leach, rather than a contributor.
>> Well, <grin><grin> if you *really* want to contribute,

 Wouldn't be here if I didn't <wink> :-)

>> you might want
>> to take a look at my March 2nd 2am post to help-hurd.

 Mailing list, or news group ??
 Where/how do I susbscribe ?

>> There's two of
>> us out here who've ran into that problem.

 Bummer. That means it's not me, and not so easily fixed as would
 be educating me ;-)

>> Since you've managed to
>> install on IDE disks, please see if that error message rings a bell
>> with you. 
>> It'd be much appreciated.
>> thanks,
>> ali
>> PS Either way, I'm supposed to look at the lists' archives this
>> weekend. Maybe there'd be a hint there.

 Point me in the right direction  >->->---->


Make headway at work.  Continue to let things deteriorate at home.

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