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Re: hurd / gnumach sources

Hi YenZi
  I think the start of that web page you were thinking of is beginning
over at the hurd web page at http://sourceforge.net/  You have to login
in order to get to the GNU HURD homepage there.  Use the search engine.


Jens Sander wrote:
> Hi !
> Yesterday I read something on Kernel Cousin about getting the
> sources of hurd and gnumach. It says, that I have to checkout
> them via cvs. Is this the only way ? Wouldn't it be good to
> distribute snapshots via debian-packages which are located in
> the main/binary-hurd-i386/devel - directory of dists/sid ?
> It wold be much easier for newbies ( like me ) to find things.
> It's very hard to get into the Hurd, because you have to browse
> the whole web to get som info here some there. Sometimes you
> get info accidentally. It would be nice to build some kind
> of Info - Center ( webpage ) that contains nearly all info
> you need to get started. I think it would really be helpfull,
> because I imagine, that there are much more people who
> are interested in working on the Hurd, but it is just to
> exhausting to get to a starting - point.
> So, if we can bunch most activities and infos, there might
> be a growing community interrested in, or maybe developing
> on the Hurd.
> Can someone tell me how the Hurd - movement ( ? ;-) ) is
> organized ? Who is responsible for what ?
> If you think I'm wrong, don't hesitate to boo me ;-)
> YenZi
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