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hurd / gnumach sources

Hi !

Yesterday I read something on Kernel Cousin about getting the 
sources of hurd and gnumach. It says, that I have to checkout
them via cvs. Is this the only way ? Wouldn't it be good to
distribute snapshots via debian-packages which are located in
the main/binary-hurd-i386/devel - directory of dists/sid ?
It wold be much easier for newbies ( like me ) to find things.
It's very hard to get into the Hurd, because you have to browse
the whole web to get som info here some there. Sometimes you
get info accidentally. It would be nice to build some kind
of Info - Center ( webpage ) that contains nearly all info
you need to get started. I think it would really be helpfull,
because I imagine, that there are much more people who
are interested in working on the Hurd, but it is just to
exhausting to get to a starting - point. 
So, if we can bunch most activities and infos, there might
be a growing community interrested in, or maybe developing
on the Hurd.
Can someone tell me how the Hurd - movement ( ? ;-) ) is
organized ? Who is responsible for what ? 

If you think I'm wrong, don't hesitate to boo me ;-)


Mit freundlichem Gruss

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