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Re: Grub installation guide: [was Re: Install from FreeBSD]

OKUJI Yoshinori <okuji@kuicr.kyoto-u.ac.jp> writes:

>   I suggest _not_ creating a separate partition for boot images. It
> can easily be a cause to confuse your brain (and mine). I cannot find
> any reason to create it if you are using GRUB.

Well, not even GRUB can get past the 1024-cylinder
barrier on this machine.  Neil Turton's mbr-1.1.0 didn't run
properly either.  It turned out that the BIOS supports the INT
0x13, AH=0x41, BX=0x55AA call (properly setting BX=0xAA55) but
the bitmap returned in CL has 0 in the lowest bit.  mbr-1.1.0
didn't check that and then failed to chainload.

Also, a separate partition can be mounted read-only most of the
time.  :-)

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