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Re: Install from FreeBSD

On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 07:03:10PM -0800, R Joseph Wright was heard to say:
> Roland McGrath wrote:
> > To start with, Mach should grok the FreeBSD partitioning ok, so that should
> > not be an issue however you want to do it.  I'm not keeping real close
> > track of GRUB, but last I knew it didn't know about the new-fangled freebsd
> > boot-loader configuration crapola, so you might want to just chainload the
> > freebsd boot loader rather than having GRUB boot your freebsd kernel.
> GRUB boots from a floppy only though, doesn't it?  So it seems I
> wouldn't have to overwrite Booteasy to install the hurd.  If GRUB is
> booting the hurd from a floppy as I've read, then I could just boot
> without the floppy as I normally do when I want to run FreeBSD, and boot
> with the GRUB floppy to get into hurd.

  Actually, this isn't true; you can get GRUB to boot from a hard drive (I,
for example, have it installed on my MBR)  It requires a bit of black magic
and the proper incantation using the "install=" command.  Even beginning to
explain this beast is almost out of the scope of the email; please refer to the
Grub documentation :)  Basically, though you can install Grub on any block
device, in a whole lot of ways (for example, from memory: you can install a
minimal amount of stuff on the boot sector and store the rest on the hard drive,
or install a subset of the full functionality -- the basic routines plus just
one filesystem driver -- on the boot sector)

  OTOH, booting from a floppy works just fine too.


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