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Grub installation guide: [was Re: Install from FreeBSD]

On this point, maybe it is a good idea to create a generic howto for
grub as i found the
installation quite confusing at first - mainly due to problems with
using very old versions.

For linux users i'd suggest creating a seperate ext2 /boot partition
when installing
and then placing stage1, stage2, menu.lst, etc into /boot/grub.

Then create a bootdisk with grub 5.93.1 (IIRC) by
	dd if=image of=/dev/fd0 count=512

Then boot from this disk and type: roughly...
	root (fd0)
	install /grub/stage1 d (hd0) /grub/stage2 p /grub/menu.lst
	root (hd0)
	chainloader +1

Is there already an "image" available? (count=512, stage1, seek=1,
Maybe it would be a good idea to place this on the hurd page, and remove
other old versions...


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