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Re: User Mode Mach?

Mariusz Woloszyn <emsi@it.pl> writes:
> On 2 Feb 2000, lars brinkhoff wrote:
> > I'm running a project similar to user-mode Linux.  But instead of
> > porting Linux to its own system call interface, I'm porting Linux
> > to run on top of a machine abstraction layer.  The abstraction layer
> > is called a386 and is a C library.  The library provides all the usual
> > hardware facilities, like context switching, paged virtual memory,
> > interrupts, etc.
> Could you give me more details about a386? Is it possible to look at it
> (any webpage)? Is it GNU? and so on...

Oh sorry, forgot that...
And Linux/a386:

It's GPLed.

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